Extractions/Atraumatic Extraction

When a patient realizes that a tooth has gone past the ability to easily restore and must be removed, it can be extremely upsetting. We understand and are here to help you not only through treatment but restore your smile by replacing the tooth naturally and easy.

Dr. Natour has received additional years of training in various specialties such as cosmetic surgery, reconstruction, and oral-craniofacial surgery. Oral surgery encompasses procedures such as the simple extractions, surgical removal of impacted teeth, cyst/ tumor removal, and drainage of an abscess. Implant placement surgical procedures include bone grafting, soft tissue grafting, sinus lift, crown-lengthening, gingivectomy, and bone ridge preservation.  After a consultation with Dr. Natour, he will go into the details and fully explain your situation using digital x-rays and intraoral images. In the past, oral surgery was a frightful experience that sent patients running from the dental office. With the latest technology and tools, oral surgery is not only safe, it’s faster, easier for patient healing, and more precise. No horrible dental experience stories anymore. We take all measures to make you feel comfortable and satisfied with your dental care.