Smile like the A-Listers: The Popular Dental Trends Sweeping Hollywood

Smile like the A-Listers: The Popular Dental Trends Sweeping Hollywood

From Tom Cruise to Emma Watson, it is no secret that many of our beloved celebrities not only spend time in front of the cameras, but also in the dental chairs. With the spotlight constantly shining on these well-known stars, it’s no surprise that they want to put their best face, and smile, forward.

From teeth whitening to veneers and gum reshaping, the below celebrities didn’t hold back with their smile makeovers. Dr. Mazen Natour, an expert in the field of Implantology, Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry, and Prosthodontics shares what he believes some of Hollywood’s biggest names have done to achieve their dazzling smiles.

If you’ve ever looked at Hollywood’s best and admired their impeccable smiles with a touch of envy, it may be reassuring to know that their flawless smiles are often the product of exceptionally well-done dental work. Before deciding if an A-list smile is right for you, it is important to speak with a specialist rather than a general dentist, to see which treatments are best suited for your specific needs and wants, and to ensure you will achieve the results you expect.

Matthew Lewis

This Harry Potter star used his magic on a set of new teeth! Matthew Lewis traded in his gap teeth for a new set of pearly whites. For a case as extreme as Matthew’s, Dr. Natour believes that he received an orthodontic treatment and porcelain veneers, and estimated his transformation took 6-9 months.

Miley Cyrus

From Hannah Montana to Miley Cyrus, her transformation didn’t just include a name change, but also a new smile! To achieve such an extreme transformation, Dr. Natour believes Miley had orthodontic treatment, a gingivoplasty procedure to reshape her gums, as well as porcelain veneers. Her new smile compliments her more mature look that we’ve watched her evolve into.

Tom Cruise

The below infamous photo of Tom as a young man shows that his new smile didn’t come naturally with age. While it’s been said that he wore “see-through braces,” Dr. Natour thinks that porcelain veneers and crowns played a role here as well. Even with the extensive work, his midline is still off by half a tooth and not in the center of his face. For his devoted fans like us, we find that aspect of his smile only adds to his already unquestionably appealing features.

Nicholas Cage

While some stars in the entertainment industry may get injured on the job, Nicholas Cage actually had two teeth pulled out without anesthesia to get his role in the 1984 movie, Birdy! According to Nicholas, the two teeth in question were baby teeth that were never replaced by permanent teeth (a relatively common condition known as “hypodontia”). After the extraction, the missing teeth were possibly restored with implants and implant crowns. Additionally, Dr. Natour believes that Nicholas got treated with porcelain veneers and crowns to get his star-studded smile.

George Clooney

Undoubtedly one of the most attractive men alive, George Clooney also likely sought the help of a highly skilled Prosthodontist to enhance his smile. Prior to his makeover, Clooney’s teeth were shorter, with a yellow undertone to them, which gave his face a more aged look. Dr. Natour advises that oftentimes, grinding and bite imbalances are at fault in similar cases. Clooney achieved stunning results, lengthening and brightening his teeth, most likely with veneers and crowns, and possibly some gum contouring.

Morgan Freeman

One of our favorite actors, Morgan Freeman underwent an amazing mouth rehabilitation years after he was famous. Given the drastic transformation – fixing crowding, color and shape on both his upper and lower jaws, Dr. Natour believes Morgan had crowns and possibly implants with implant crowns. We also absolutely love the choice of shade and shape of his new teeth, which is brighter and more youthful and yet fits very naturally with his facial features.

James Arthur

James Arthur’s mouth is one of the most compelling transformations on the list! He was so happy about his transformation, he couldn’t wait to show it off so he showed the world on Instagram. While James spoke openly about braces, Dr. Natour believes that porcelain veneers are also what helped James create such a perfect smile.

Zac Efron

Was Zac Efron’s graduation present from High School Musical a set of new teeth? Zac’s procedure list to fix his giant gap in between his teeth and create a star-studded smile is most likely due to an orthodontic treatment and porcelain veneers. It’s been gossiped that Efron spent more than $10,000 having his gap removed and his pearly whites made whiter.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner’s treatments are a little more unique than other A-list celebs. Jennifer most likely had gum contouring done in addition to porcelain veneers on her front teeth. If your gums rest too low or too high, then you may be eligible to try out the dental version of contouring.

Emma Watson

From Herminie Granger in Harry Potter to Belle in Beauty and the Beast, this A-list star has been in the limelight since childhood, making it no surprise that she wanted a smile to match her celebrity profile. Dr. Natour believes that Emma’s probable dental procedures include teeth whitening and porcelain veneers to give her that sophisticated Hollywood smile.

Ed Helms

Popularly known for his role as a dentist with a missing tooth in The Hangover, Ed Helms had an implant crown for a missing tooth in real life removed for the movie. As Ed has shared, he was treated as a teenager for an adult tooth that never came out with an implant. Once his role of a dentist was over for the film, he decided to take himself to his real dentist to get his implant crown put back in.

Some people are born without a “maxillary lateral incisor” tooth or like in Helms’ case, the adult tooth, never comes in. Dr. Natour says that this shows that sometimes, you don’t need veneers or braces to enhance a smile. A well-placed implant by a specialized and highly-trained dentist can restore both your smile and confidence.